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-New From The Blog-

You {Modern Mom} are the glue of your family. You can breeze through a grueling  work week, shuttle the crew to their many games and practices, and STILL be the point woman for every birthday party and bake sale.

Even though you make it look easy. We both know it's not.

Neither is feeding a family.  Creating healthy meals day in and day out is HARD. 

I’ve got a new plan and a stash of secrets that will guarantee more home cooked meals your family will devour and less dinner time aggravation.  *BONUS*  fewer desperate dashes through the drive through, and no more pain-in-the-booty-picky-eaters.

Good food is important and busy families deserve healthy meals, so let's get cooking!

Bang, bang, bang, goes your head against the fridge trying to figure out what to make for dinner???