15 Fast, Easy, Freezer Meals For Busy Moms Who Hate To Cook

15 Easiest Freezer Meals If You HATE To Cook

15 easiest freezer meals if you hate to cook

This 15 Easiest Freezer Meal If You Hate To Cook  round up goes out to all the parents who can't be bothered with chopping, ingredient hunting, or hours spent chained to their stoves. 

While there are so many reasons to love cooking (connection, control, calming meditative tasks, self expression) I still want to honor those that....just don't. Or, even those gals who maybe just don't have time to love cooking this week.  ​

Either way, we all need to eat, and this round-up is all about how to GET IN & GET OUT of the kitchen and still end up with a full freezer. These are all delicious, ridiculously simple, freezer recipes that take only minutes to throw together.

A NOTE: I get so frustrated by round-up blog posts that link to other sites, only to find a jumbled mess on the other end. So often you have to click and click and click only to land on a so-so article.

with that said...

I pinky swear that all the links I included take you directly to an easy to follow recipe COMPLETE with all the instructions you need to freeze and reheat.

Ugh. So many time I click on a "freezer meal recipe" only to find it has no details or instructions on how to actually freeze or reheat. Not ideal if you are a novice in the kitchen or don't like to cook. 

Check out these little gems, (Pin it, share it, or save it)  scratch out a quick grocery list, and see how many of meals you can bang out in an hour. I am guessing I could pick 5 recipes, double them, have them packaged up and the kitchen all cleaned, in 60 minutes. 10 meals banked and ready to eat.

I officially challenge you to do the same. Happy cooking!

Ok, if you really hate cooking, maybe I should just leave it at:  It won't be that bad!!

15 easiest freezer meals if you hate to cook

Chicken Cordon bleu-The Happy Money Saver

15 easiest freezer meals if you hate to cook

Cheddar Ranch Burgers- Mom On A Mission

15 easiest freezer meals if you hate to cook

Broccoli Cheddar Quesadillas- Sweet Peas And Saffron

15 easiest freezer meals if you hate to cook

Spinach Mozzarella Meatloaf-Simplify, Live, Love

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