3 Kitchen Tools That Actually Save Time

Three Kitchen tools actually save time (especially if you are feeding a family).

I am not usually a big fan of kitchen gadgets, but I am making an exception here. These kitchen tools have totally, absolutely, added value and convenience in my kitchen.

If these aren't currently in your kitchen, go and get them! After all, we eat three meals and a couple snacks every day….if you are on the whole foods train and make things from scratch…I KNOW you could use any time advantage you can get.

#1 Rice Cooker With Steamer.

rice cooker steamer kitchen tool

We use our Kitchen Aid brand at least once a week and it is totally a sanity saver. A rice cooker alone is a thing of beauty…add that steamer basket on top and, LOOK OUT! Dinner is done and all you had to do was run your knife through some broccoli and measure some rice. Two whole food,  plant based sides with 3 minutes of prep and 15-20 minutes of cook time. Break out the leftover chicken breast and you got your self a three course meal.

Check out a few models:

The Kitchen Aid model I use and love​

A budget friendly model Under $20​

Or a big Daddy for larger families

#2 A High Quality Sharp Knife (If you cook, you deserve a good knife!!!)

chefs knife kitchen tool

I know, I know, its hard to layout a hundred dollars or more for a good chefs knife. If you cook, if you chop lots and lots of veggies, this will be the most satisfying and most sound investment of your domestic life. It makes kitchen prep a gazillion times more enjoyable and efficient if you have a sharp knife. It will last you a lifetime and It’s safer too.

Some tips to get your search for the perfect knife started:

-A six inch chefs knife is ideal for me, but holding a few knives is the only way to know what feels best to you.

-Many of the popular and reputable brands are German or Japanese.

-Japanese knives are typically lighter to their German counterparts. ( I like my heavy German knife, but it is what I am familiar with. Everyone is different.)

-Expect a price tag of between $100-$200 for quality knives for home cooks. Check out William Sonoma’s website and you will see prices soar into the $1,500.00 range. This is one purchase where I feel like you can’t really find any good “deals”. If it is cheap, it is probably cheap.

Does knife upkeep confuse you? Yeah, me too. I have looked up “how to sharpen a chefs knife” and have been wacked in the face with 20 page pdf’s and hour long youtube tutorial. Can you say overwhelm? 

Here is what I use (for good or bad) and I have been happy with the edge on my knife for 13 years. so, while you should know how to care for your knives….don’t get too caught up in it.

#3 Emulsion Hand Blender.

emulsion hand blender kitchen tool

I have a food processor, I have a blender, but my emulsion hand blender is used the most by far. Its easy to store, but most importantly easy to clean. Here is what you can do with it:

-create homemade soups in one pot. (think butternut squash, or cream of broccoli.)

-make smoothies, or green smoothies for you and the kids. I know they have Ninja’s and smoothie makers on the market (for $100!!!!!!) but who wants to clean a whole blender??? Not me.

-homemade vinaigrettes and salad dressings. My favorite being this cesear dressing from Once Upon A Chef. (I LOVE her stuff!) Make this once and you will NEVER go back to bottled.

SO, those are my three can’t live without tools that get put to work in my kitchen every day. The key to success is finding kitchen tools that actually works for your lifestyle, and to chuck the rest. Counter tops and drawers cluttered with every new kitchen gadget and invention will is only result in disappointment and extra dishes.

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