Back To School Freezer Meal Blitz

back to school freezer meal blitz

Are the kids going back to school already?!? Not yet for us, we still have about 2 weeks.

That means it's CRAM TIME and I am going to turn those final hours into a Back To School Freezer Meal Blitz!

Would you love to eat more balanced meals during the crazy school year?

Would you like to eat fewer meals in the car, or poured out of boxes and bags directly upon returning home of football practice or gymnastics?

Let’s face it, we are all too busy to cook meals from scratch during the school year. I much prefer the afternoon school run to be full of cranked tunes and car dancing, not wracking my brain for desperate dinner ideas.

With all of our kids in multiple activities and practically living in our cars, being home in time for a freshly prepared, healthy meal is nearly impossible. While my first choice would be to hire a personal chef during the week, I realize that isn’t happening anytime soon. My second alternative, that I love, is that we must freeze our way to freedom, Modern Moms.

There is no better time investment, then spending a few quality hours banking some serious meals these last few weeks of August. It may be the most freeing, happy dance-inspiring, thing you can do for yourself.

If it feels just plain wrong spending time in the kitchen during these precious, sunny, summer days, a small piece of advice for you: get over it. I mean that in the most loving way. It will be so so worth it, you just need to buckle down, and embrace the blitz.

Now is when the freshest, most glorious produce is tumbling out peoples backyard gardens and local farmers markets. You can scoop them up for a song, instead of paying top dollar for lack luster produce later…it just make sense.

Cooking in the summer can be so much more fun too. You can chop and prep on the patio while sipping a margarita and listening to Bob Marley. Your partner may be around more for help with the clean up. There is just less pressure, and that alone is gold.

You don’t have to lock yourself in your kitchen for hours and hours. If you start now, a little extra time each week will pay off BIG TIME.

My personal goal is to have enough dinners in the freezer to last through December. I know that may sound cuckoo or a bit unreachable, but I have done it successfully for years.

Roughly, here is my plan:

For the next two weeks I am going to spend a couple hours every other day rocking out as many simple, family favorite recipes as I can. Fast and furious, with excellent results! 

Here is the truth about my process: I need a lot of variety and for the meals to be as healthy as possible. Every recipe has to be a winner and completely delicious. This mean I am willing to put in the extra mile to make more complex recipes that yield amazing results. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of the slow cooker, Two meals a month is about all I want. Also, I want to take advantage of all the late summer crazy, amazing produce. Doing that successfully means using different types of recipes.

Even though it is warm and sunny, NOW is the time to be making chili’s, stuffed peppers, and minestrone soup. Veggie burgers to tomato bisque, veggies are at their peak for these recipes and are dirt cheap to boot. That means more money for those $50 sneakers your kids will grow out of in 4 months.

I want you to get in on this action! I am going to focus on three  things:

  • FAST grab & go breakfasts
  • Lightning fast single serve dinners for nights the kids need to eat before practices and games.
  • Ready to heat & eat family dinners

Want to cook with me? (YES, YES YOU DO!) Let me know below, and I will send you my recipes, shopping lists and handy tips! 

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