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2 make ahead meals for the holidays

Make Ahead Meals For The Holidays

Best Holiday EVER Make Ahead Holiday GuideGoal: Enjoy the holidays. Tear your to-do list in half. I adore December. It should be all about decorating, Christmas music, wine, parties, and good will. The reality, however, is that it becomes about “stuff we have to do”.The activities themselves aren’t what we can’t handle, right? I mean wrapping […]

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chefs knife kitchen tool

3 Kitchen Tools That Actually Save Time

Three Kitchen tools actually save time (especially if you are feeding a family). I am not usually a big fan of kitchen gadgets, but I am making an exception here. These kitchen tools have totally, absolutely, added value and convenience in my kitchen. If these aren’t currently in your kitchen, go and get them! After all, we […]

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Super Simple Baking Station

If you bake once a week or more (or want to), creating a baking station in your kitchen is priceless. You will be able to throw together a recipe in under 15 minutes and can say goodbye to processed store bought cookies, muffins, granola and energy bars forever. Seriously, I don’t even buy Lara Bars […]

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