Mama Needs A Cocktail (Clementine Martini Recipe)

This Mama needs a cocktail. A Clementine Martini To Be Exact.

Raise your hand if you have half a box of clementines in your fridge. You plowed through the first case (so sweet, so juicy) but the gang lost their enthusiasm for the little gems about half way through this second box. Heh? Am I right? Well, the good news for YOU is that those babies won't go to waste because you can juice them and turn them into an amazing Clementine Martini. 

Well ladies (and gents) grab your cocktail shakers, I got a gooooood one for ya.

Turn those lunch box treats into this weekends vacation in a glass. If you have ever bought those pre-made martini mixes (unfortunately I must raise my hand) this will be right up your alley. Move over Lemon Drop and Cosmo.

Never. Buy. The. Mixes. Again.

Here is my simple Clementine Martini recipe that will simply make you swoon. (P.S. YES, please use oranges, blood oranges, grapefruit, or other citrus if you somehow don't have a few clementines rolling around the bottom of you veggie crisper like I always seem to in the winter.)

Clementine Martini Recipe
Prep time
Total time
Fresh, not too sweet, and goes down so easy.
Recipe type: Cocktail
Serves: One drink
  • juice of 2 clementines ( about 3 oz.)
  • 2 oz organic high quality vodka made from vegan Russians (haha, the cheap stuff is fine)
  • splash of triple sec or orange liqueur.
  • 2 Tablespoon sugar
  • 1 Tbls water.
  1. place sugar and water is a small microwave safe bowl and heat for 30 secs or until sugar begins to dissolve. Remove from micro and stir, heat for another 15 seconds if still grainy. (we are just making a simple syrup girls, so don’t stress about this step too much-we just want sugary water : ). Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and put vodka, clementine juice, triple sec, and ONE TABLESPOON of the simple syrup (sugar and water mixture) we made. shake about 30 seconds and pour into a martini glass. ***BONUS give your martini glass a sugar rim. Swipe the rim of your glass with one of the discarded clementine sections and dip entire rim into a sugar bowl or a plate with sugar on it. Try to give it a minute to set.

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  • January 14, 2016
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