1. Menu planning, shopping list, and time line are done for you. This is going to save you HOURS.

2. It's F.R.E.E. {There are oodles of services out there that charge you for this.}

3.Margarita anyone? It's cocktails and cooking with friends. Our families have to eat, so let's make it fun.​ 

Goodbye sink full of dishes, hello freezer full of delicious meals. SIGN UP!

Tara Garland

Hi I'm Tara! Do I look relaxed and stress free in this photo? Good. I am usually a hot mess, running around like a maniac. This photo makes me feel like I am a super chill, totally pulled together mommy person. Since I am mostly definitely not, It makes me happy to at least pretend! 

You know what does make me feel like a calm and confident parent? Having my kitchen stocked, and ready to serve healthy snacks and meals. The only way I make that happen (with our cuckoo schedule) is with hard core meal planning and freezer meals sessions. I am a tad bit obsessed, but only because it truly makes my life soooo much better. Excuse me, because I am going to try to convince you too. I am that passionate about it. Get on it fellow Modern Mom, and take back your kitchens! Busy families deserve good food too.