Homemade Chocolate Frosty, A Healthy Two Ingredient Treat

Homemade Chocolate Frosty, A Healthy Two Ingredient Treat

homemade chocolate frosty

My son is obsessed with this Two Ingredient Homemade Chocolate Frosty. It has a perfect, creamy, Frosty-like texture, is sweet enough to be dessert, yet is made with breakfast approved ingredients. We make one almost every day, with no sign of slowing down.

Because we use frozen bananas so often, I usually by two bunches at a time. One bunch to eat fresh, and another to slice and flash freeze

It can't be denied bananas and chocolate are kind of a theme around here. Another hardcore favorite are these ​banana chocolate chip baked oatmeal muffins. Seriously, so good.

Because there are only two ingredients in this Homemade Chocolate Frosty, I feel like a recipe card is more trouble than it's worth, so I will just  jot it down below, I hope that's ok!


  • 1/2  large or 1  small sliced frozen banana (about one C. sliced frozen banana)
  • 1 C. Chocolate almond milk (or more until desired consistency is reached.)
  • Sprinkles. Totally optional, but super fun.


Using a hand blender, bullet, or tradition blender, blend frozen bananas and almond milk, until completely smooth and creamy. Serve immediately.

I mean it when I say serve immediately! Perfectly blended frozen bananas have an amazing creamy texture, but when they thaw...not so much.   

Remember: the more bananas the thicker it will be, so feel free to tinker until you reach your desired consistency. You can serve with a spoon or a straw. 

I am a huge fan of the hand emulsion blender. It can't be beat it terms of convince. It has multiple uses, is small and easy to store, and cleans with practically just a rinse.

emulsion hand blender kitchen tool

This Cuisinart is what I use and love, also check out my other favorite time saving kitchen tools that I can't live without.  Convienince Is King in the Modern Moms Kitchen!

You can also create a million variations of this frozen treat,  so don't hesitate to experiment and get creative.

You could also add:

  • A scoop of protein powder
  • 1 TBLS peanut butter
  • Substitute Vanilla almond milk instead of chocolate
  • Add 1 tsp. cocoa powder or chocolate sauce for a double chocolate pow.

Summer vacation is on its way, and fast, filling, nutritious snacks are like gold. Load up on ideas now and prepare yourself for the onslaught of summer snacking! 

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