How To Flash Freeze

How To Flash Freeze, An Easy Technique For Perfect Freezer Meals.

In a nutshell flash freezing is the process of freezing food individually on a sheet pan or baking pan before it is packaged. This keeps your food from sticking or fusing together into a solid block. Once frozen solid on your sheet pan, it can be transferred to a freezer bag or container of your choice. Your food will maintain its shape and be easier to thaw. The best benefit is that it will be easy to remove a single portion instead of having to thaw an entire batch (like pancakes!)

Flash freezing is an oh-so-simple technique that makes storing, thawing, and heating your freezer meals easier and more convenient. 

Once you know how to flash freeze things like hamburger patties, pancakes, waffles, or twice baked potatoes, you will have a great way to prep and store single servings so that you can easily grab individual portions for a quick meal on-the-go.

flash freeze hamburgers
flash frozen twice baked potatoes
how to flash freeze

Flash freeze your cooked diced chicken (or turkey) on a sheet pan in a single layer so that later, you can grab the exact portion you need for soups, salads, pot pies, or pasta dishes. The frozen diced chicken slides off easily into a freezer bag and will remain separated so you can scoop out as much as you need. If you have a bag of cooked diced chicken waiting in your freeze, you could put a great meal on the table in as little as 15 minutes! ( I use mine to make soups, Chicken Caesar Salad, or a skillet pasta Alfredo.) With soup and pasta recipes,  just toss in the frozen chicken directly into the almost finished recipe. It's just a matter of heating the chicken through as it is already fully cooked.)

flash freeze chicken
flash freeze chicken
Foods to flash freeze that are UN-cooked:
  • fruit pies​
  • ready to bake cookie dough balls
  • pot pies
  • garlic bread
  • shredded cheese
  • calzones
  • dinner rolls/buscuits
  • fresh berries
  • sliced bananas for smoothies & baking
  • diced onion or bell peppers for cooking
  • fresh herbs
  • breaded chicken tenders
  • hamburger or turkey burger patties
  • double stuffed potato & sweet potatoes
  • casseroles
Foods to flash freeze that are cooked:
  • pancakes​
  • waffles
  • quickbreads
  • muffins
  • baked oatmeal cups
  • granola bars
  • veggie burgers
  • blanched (quick cooked) vegetables like broccoli, green beans, & carrots.
  • diced chicken or turkey
  • pizza slices, pizza muffins
  • taquitos
  • bacon slices
  • mini egg-based breakfast quiches

Lastly, the How to Flash Freeze technique is simply fabulous for small portions of leftovers (what are leftovers again?)

Imagine you simply don't care to have last nights pizza for breakfast (cold of course) and just want it gone. Throw that piece or two onto your nearest baking sheet for a quick flash freeze. You will be delighted to grab one of those slices for a work or school lunch when the fridge is empty.