​Become a meal planning master in 30 minutes

Maybe you HATE to cook or are simply tired of the picky eater power struggle? If you think meal planning is the worst, have run out of ideas, or are simply tired of cooking for picky eaters, I can show you how to make a customized plan of meals your family will devour. Join me for this FREE online 30 minute workshop and map out TONS of slam dunk meals your family will l-o-v-e.


  • Create a PROVEN WINNERS customized resource to keep on your phone, iPad, or computer to reference anytime. 
  • Learn my zero effort 2 step system that keeps both overwhelm and boredom at bay when deciding "whats for dinner". 
  •  How to meal plan when your kids are picky: Learn the 6:1 ratio method.
  • Learn how to best use Pinterest for inspiration and create a perfect board  to keep the ideas flowing effortlessly. 
  • Stop using random googles searches Like: "healthy dinner" "fast and easy dinner"  "kid friendly dinner ideas". They just waste time! 
  • Effortlessly waste less food and money each week.
Hi! I'm Tara and I will be teaching the class!

I am the opposite of OCD. I am a Hot Mess Mom, just looking for an opportunity to sit down and open my Kindle App (preferably with a glass of wine in my hand). I love meal planning and freezer meals because they offer me the illusion of control over my crazy household. Being a  Mom, feeling calm and in control is pretty rare and I take it where I can get it. 

What Happens After I Sign Up?

I'm glad you asked! Once you enter your name and email and clickety click the button, you will instantly receive an email from me with a link to the pre-recorded class. (If you don't see the email right away, go to your junk/spam/promotions folder.) You can then watch masterclass anytime you have a block of 30 minutes free.  If I may, I suggest grabbing a cup of tea or a glass of wine and getting cozy first. There will be a couple of simple, fun assignments you can do from the comfort of your couch. After you have completed the tutorial you will be clear and confident in choosing meals for your family and will have all the tools you need to outline a full year worth of meals in no time at all.