​Your kids won't eat what you cook. They are PAIN IN THE BOOTY PICKY EATERS. Not only is this ridiculously frustrating, it is also beginning to feel like a big game of chicken. Instead of cars rushing at your kids,  it's weight gain, moodiness, belly issues, and worse. 

You can be DONE with the daily frustration and strong arming.  You will literally never have to pressure your kids to eat anything, ever again.

​What if I told you you could go from CEREAL, NUGGETS, and NOODLES to GROWN UP MEALS, FRUITS, and VEGETABLES.

What if I told you that changing brands of your favorite foods doesn't have to cause a revolt.

​I want to whisper all my secrets in your ear .

I want to shower you with confidence, because your kids CAN change, and it CAN be painless. 

I know how precious your time is. We don't need oodles of time to make BIG CHANGES. You need simple mind shifts, easy to implement tools, and lots of support. 

What to expect when you crush the picky eating habit:

  • $20 extra in you wallet and 20 less minutes after grocery shopping. You will instantly eliminate a trip down half the grocery store aisles and you will never look back!
  • Fewer snack times-When your kids start eating larger, heartier meals they won't need the 10:00am granola bar, the 10:30 am gummies, the 11:00 am goldfish and.....on and on. 
  • Cooking that feels less like work, and more like nurturing and pleasure-You will feel so good about what your kids are eating, that cooking becomes instantly rewarding. Imagine your kids thanking you for dinner because they love it so much, cooking will become your new favorite. 
  • Kids that are less moody and have fewer sick days.  when you cut out all the artificial snacks and meals, you kids just feel better-and it will show. 
  • A free hour, just for you. You will spend less time meal planning and looking for magical recipes you think your kids will eat. They will just eat what you make. Putting meal times on autopilot is shockingly time efficient. That means an extra hour a week...just for you. 
  • Sweet and peaceful dinner times. Lol, wouldn't that be nice! Modern families are so all over the map that it's rare for everyone to sit down to a family meal. When it does happens though, it should be fun. Chatter and bickering will reign. Spend time getting on your kids about their inappropriate jokes-not eating their broccoli. 

I know this can be done, not only because I shape kids eating all the time, but because of how much MY kids have changed. There were no bigger picky eaters than my little cherubs. My fridge was filled with processed boxes and bags, and snaaaaaacks. ​So many sins were committed in my kitchen, you can be assured I will never judge you. I have been where you are, and I know how to get you out of the junk food hole.

I searched the internet for months to find answers. I read blog after blog, book after book. I spent over a year obsessing over techniques to change my kids habits. I broke tons of "rules" to figure out what really worked.​ And you know what...I did figure it out. If you want to skip the searching and the suffering, I am here to help you get down to business. 

Good food matters. You're in charge. 

Let's Grab Coffee

Laser coaching that gets to the heart of the matter quick.

What to expect: Uncovering your biggest saboteur. A focused look into the real reason your kids pick the way they do. A step by step plan that will put you on the right track.

  • Moderm Moms customized survey that allows us to connect before we chat. This will maximize our live session so we can break through quickly.
  • 50 minute 1 : 1 coaching session via phone or Skype.
  • Written follow up for you to reference while you implement the changes we discuss.
  • 2 personal email check-in's to keep you on track.


Once payment is received, I will reach out to schedule our session and arrange delivery of all your materials. 

Let's Have Lunch

Two coaching sessions and more accountability will allow you to follow through on your success formula.

What to expect: We will uncover your biggest saboteur, we will hone in on the real reasons your kids pick like they do. I will set you up with a customized action plan, to put you back on the right track and we will have a second session designed to trouble shoot, move on to other issues, and to keep you focused on why you  are making these important changes. 

  • Modern Moms customized survey that allows us to connect before we chat. This will maximize our live    sessions  so we can break through quickly.
  • 50 minute 1 : 1 coaching session via phone or Skype
  • Written custom step by step formula that you will follow to whip your family into shape.
  • 50 minute 1 : 1 follow up coaching session via phone or Skype, to trouble shoot or move through to other  areas you are struggling with. 
  • 4 personal email check-in's with one month of unlimited email coaching so we can stay connected.


Once payment is received, we will schedule our session and all materials will be emailed.

Take Me To Dinner

Byline about this plan.

What to expect: BIG CHANGES. This package will totally be customized to your needs. 

  • 3 -50 minute private coaching sessions via phone or Skype 
  • Surprise welcome gift, mailed to your home. You give so much to your family-you deserve a little treat.
  • Customized blueprint for change. A detailed guide for you to follow week by week.
  • Access to my vault of "tricks" and persuasion techniques that will maximize your success, delivered to you inbox
  • Weekly email check-in's to keep you on track
  • Unlimited email support  for 3 months to solidify and master your new lifestyle.


Need to chat before you invest? I would love to connect. Email me at tara@modernmomskitchenacademy.com and we can arrange a call! 

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