Fluffy Make-Ahead And Freeze Pancakes.

Make-And-Freeze Pancakes

These fluffy make-ahead and freeze pancakes are a slam-dunk family favorite and the only freezer  pancake recipe you will ever need! 

Having tested DOZENS of internet pancake recipes, I feel responsible for warning you about all my failed attempts. I have tried, tested, and been disappointed in so may pancake recipes claiming to be "fluffy" that I finally just got to business on creating my own.  

I take pancakes very seriously. You can trust me that these are easy, delicious, with fluff-factor-5000. 

Having a batch of these in the freezer means that you can watch your 5 year old (or your 15 year old) make their own breakfast on busy mornings. My kids love the freedom of being able to grab a freezer pancakes and popping them into the microwave by themselves. I love any small break I can get from serving my kids. Seriously, we do enough! 

Want to make it super easy for them? Test out exactly how many seconds it takes to warm up a frozen pancake in your own microwave and write it down big and clear on the freezer bag.

So easy, even your littles tot can feel empowered to make their own breakfast.

Don't forget to keep the maple syrup or fruit, where small people can easily grab it too.