Single Serve Freezer Meals For Your Athlete

Single Serve Freezer Meals For Your Athlete. Try Stocking Your Freezer With A Couple Of These Mini-Meals For When Snacks Won't Cut It, Or When They Come Home From Practice Starving.

When my kids roll off the bus, sweaty and tired, with 45 minutes until we need to pile into the car to head off to football, I need to get them fed. FAST.

I said good bye to after school snacks on practice days because snacks just weren't cutting it. As in, my son could eat 3 granola bars , an apple sauce,  a smoothie, and still ask for more. 

On practice and game days, I pull out the "big guns" and have a not-so-mini meal on the table in about two minutes. These same meals may get brought out on the return home, if he just can't wait another 45 minutes until a big dinner is ready. Which happens...a lot.

The best part about these single serve mini-meals is that you can prepared dozens of servings in a flash. SUPER satisfying, I promise. 

While the options are virtually limitless, we definitely have our family favorites. I think they are universally delicious, and very kid friendly. 

Here is my go-to freezer meal plan, that will give you 27 kid pleasing servings of before the big game mini-meals. Prepped in an HOUR! 


(Our super simple recipe makes 8 servings. I serve with a simple fruit side like grapes or a clementine.)

beef and cheddar burrito

GRILLED HAM AND CHEESE ON WHOLE WHEAT (We whip up 6 of these at a time. Totally customizable. Our house cheese is Cabot's Hunters Sharp, but you can use anything. ) Serve with tomato soup or veggie sticks.


Again, simple to customize. I use whole wheat store bought pizza dough, whole milk mozzarella, local pepperoni, and organic jarred or home made marinara sauce. 

freezer friendly healthy pizza muffins


This recipe is adapted from The Pioneer Woman. I love it (as I love her!)...sweet, tangy, perfect. 

sloppy joe
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