Soup: A Homemade Christmas Gift Everyone Loves

The Perfect Homemade Christmas Gift Everyone Will Love.

If you like to make homemade Christmas gifts, I want you think about skipping the cookies and sweets this year. Instead, image a knock on your door. On the other side is a neighbor handing you a small box with a jar of homemade soup and fresh biscuits for your dinner that night. 

Would you like that? 

Yasssssss! It would be divine. I dare you to find me anyone who would not swoon over a simple dinner being hand delivered to their door. 

Neighbors, co-workers, teachers, the Mail Man, ANYONE, you are planning on showering with a gift this year, would be delighted by this homemade Christmas gift. 

Did I mention this was CHEAP and EASY too? 

homemade christmas gift

STEP 1. Pick one of these no-fail soup recipes.

          Classic Chicken Noodle 

          Famous Italian Sausage Soup (This is our "house soup". I get asked for the recipe      every time I serve it!)

          Potato Cheddar ​Ale

           Corn Chowder​ (This is a super kid friendly recipe.)

STEP 2. Hit the grocery store. Usually soup relies on tons of pantry ingredients like garlic, onions, chicken broth, potatoes, etc. You can make enough soup for several gifts for about $10 bucks.

STEP 3. Grab the largest stock pot you own and get to cookin'. ​I made my Italian Sausage Soup, a one pot wonder, in 25 minutes, start to finish. This soup (and others) would be fine in the fridge for up to 5 days, so plan accordingly. It is fine to make this a day ahead before you deliver. I would include a note that reminded the recipient to freeze by a certain date, just in case. 

STEP 4. Package & Deliver! ​First, fancy up your gift with a few extras. I made homemade All Butter Biscuits. A nice loaf of crusty bread would be equally great. Include a bottle of wine, crackers, or cloth napkins if you want more oomph. 

Grab an old wooden box, some tissue paper, an old cloth napkin,  a sprig of berries and your off to make it look super fancy.

Snag these DIY Gift Tag Template to make your own. I am not necessarily that crafty....I just likely never have pretty tags laying around, so this is perfect! ​

Best Christmas Food Gift
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