Top 10 Tips To Fill Your Freezer In One Weekend

top 10 tips to fill your freezer in one weekend

​Freezer cooking is essential for todays modern families. We simply don't have time to cook EVERY night. Here are my top 10 tips to fill your freezer in one weekend.

1.  Time management. Making 3-4 separate recipes in one day is ideal. It will leave you time to clean up and package everything without rushing.

2.​  Look ahead at what you want to make and try to organize by making meals with similar ingredients. I would make minestrone and lentil chili on same day as they both use zucchini/onions/garlic/carrots etc. that are the same size. Cut veggies for multiple recipes when possible.

3.  Recipe size. Most recipes are written to serve about 4-6 portions. Plan on tripling most recipes and dividing them into 3-6 separate meals depending on your portion size. If you tackle 4 recipes in one day, you could have about 12 meals banked. Plan on cooking both Saturday and Sunday, and you can have approx. 25 meals .(Yep...a months worth in one weekend!)

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4. Don't shop on same day as cooking! Buy all by supplies and groceries at least a couple days ahead.

5.  Wear sneakers while cooking.

6.  Have someone watch the kids (or schedule screen time for them)

​7.  Buy supplies at the dollar store. This is my best source for aluminum pans to freeze and reheat in. They come two for a dollar compared to about $3.50 at the grocery store

8.  Make sure you have good quality freezer storage bags in quart and gallon sizes, an extra roll of tin foil and plastic wrap, and a sharpie for packaging.

9.  ​Use plastic bags for using minimal storage room. Use for soups, stews, veggie burgers etc. Store bags of soups flat so they freeze flat and will be easy to thaw.

10.  You don't need to seek out special freezer recipes. Most recipes can be frozen. Simply cook fully as directed and freeze. When you are ready to eat you will want to thaw on counter while you are at work, and pop in oven to heat to be ready for meal time.​

​***BONUS TIP***

Try and have some fun! Make a cooking play list. (click here for one of mine.)I love listenin18

g to Rat Pack Classics by Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., or Rosemary Clooney, with a smattering of current mellow rock like John Mayer and Jason Mraz. Treat yourself to a Mocha or Chai tea, and don't forget to put a bottle of wine in the fridge for a treat when your done! ​

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