OK. Here is how I got my daughter to, I kid you not, shovel forkfuls of spinach in her mouth. Did I offer her money or candy? No. Although I am not above doing that.

I just so happened to snap a photo of her enjoying a nice spinach salad when she was, oh, about 3 years old. I had this niggling feeling that there would come a day that I might find photo evidence of her veggie loving helpful.

A couple years later and my little angel, it would seem, had fallen out of love  with the leafy green stuff. When I served salads (spinach or otherwise) I would get a "who are you kidding" No thanks mamma. 

I tried to convince her that once upon a time she loved spinach.​ 

She didn't buy it.

so I showed her this:​

Lo and behold, this totally got her. She did not have any memory of scarfing spinach salads (full disclosure: lots of ranch dressing involved) And she was intrigued enough by the photos to give it another shot. Just like that.  One forkful and she was sold, she thought it was tasty as ever. Now, I am not expecting that you have dozens of random photos starring your kids eating vegetables. (Although, it would be helpful, and if you have a toddler START SNAPPING PICS NOW!) The main point I want to make is that this was a FUN experiment with a great and simple payout. There was no guilt, disappointment, or strong arm tactics involved. Score one for Mom. 

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